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Occupational Therapy

An Occupational Therapist can assist you if you are having difficulty with any tasks around the home or at work.
They can also provide you with advice or recommendations on assistive equipment or devices.
Our Lutwyche & North Brisbane Occupational Therapist's goal is to enable people to participate in their daily activities. Our Occupational Therapists can also work with children, adolescents, and their families to promote their independence in everyday activities.
These areas may include sleep, dressing, toileting, fine motor skills, social skills, behaviour and emotional regulation, and sensory difficulties.

Child at Psychologist


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Opening Hours

Monday: 8:30am to 5:30pm

Friday: 8:00am to 2:30pm

Saturday: Closed

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Shop 4.08, 120 Chalk Street, Lutwyche, Brisbane 4030

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